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What kind of school is it?
Bay Area Charter Middle School is a public school that emphasizes project-based learning. in situations that encourage hands-on interaction with the curriculum. Projects stimulate the student’s natural curiosity and interest while promoting critical thinking, investigation, problem solving, confidence, creative expression, math, and language development. Students are taught to work in cooperative groups simulating future workplace demands.

How is this school different?
Small classes with a low student/ teacher ratio are provided. Extensive assessment information consisting of course content checklist, narrative reports, and portfolios of student work are provided to parents in conjunction with traditional letter grades. Students are taught to be self-directed and to select learning strategies that meet the need of the situation. Classrooms are multi-grade level.

What curriculum is taught?
Bay Area Charter Middle School is a public school with a faculty of state-certified teachers with additional special education training to ensure that all learning needs of the individual are addressed. Bay Area Charter Middle School teachers adhere to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which defines the concepts to be taught. Teachers follow state guidelines and administer the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test as required by the Texas Education Agency.

Where is the school located?
102 East Walker, League City, Texas 77573
Phone: 281-332-7788

Staff Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Kendra Persohn Principal (281) 332-7788
Amanda Beveridge 6th Grade (281) 332-7788
Michelle Clem Instructional Specialist (281) 332-7788
Angel Juliano Math/Technology (281) 332-7788
Marion Levine Instructional Aide (281) 332-7788
Carmen Martinez Secretary (281) 332-7788
Vickie Pedersen 7th/8th ELA & 7th Soc.Stu. (281) 332-7788
Justin Wafer Inst. Spec. Aide (281) 332-7788
Andreas Johnson 8th Grade Math & Soc.Stu. (281) 332-7788

How do I enroll my student?
Contact the principal, Kendra Persohn, at (281) 534-3475 for an appointment. You will need copies of your student’s birth certificate, social security card, and an up-to-date immunization record. You will also need a copy of a utility bill confirming your home address. The State requires that the school confirm the student’s residency school district.

Children from the Houston and Galveston Bay Area are accepted on a space-available basis. If more students apply during the Open Enrollment Period than can be accommodated, a lottery is conducted to select students for available openings.

Bay Area Charter Middle School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, athletic, or artistic ability, or the district the child would otherwise attend.

A Parent’s Perspective

Donna Adams was worried about her son’s progress at his home school. Her older son had already had difficulty there and she began looking for an alternative for her younger son. Bay Area Charter Intermediate turned out to be the solution for the entire family. “I just think our home school is too large,” she says. “I was worried that my son would be overexposed to things I did not want him to see in school. I also did not feel his social or academic needs were being met there.” It was definitely time to make a change.

Three years ago, she enrolled her son at Bay Area Charter Elementary School and was so pleased with his progress that she kept him in the Charter school system. “I knew there was no way the teachers at the home school could keep up with those large classes,” she explained. “I wanted to keep my thumb on everything, so the Intermediate school is the best place. Because the class sizes are so much smaller, my son’s teachers know everything about all the kids and they communicate everything to me.”

Best of all, Mrs. Adams says that if she feels she wants to see the school principal, Ms. Yolanda Barber, for a conference, she can get the information she needs about her son immediately. “At the home school, the principal doesn’t even know all the kids. You would have to wait till the principal went to the office, pulled a file, and looked everything up. Here, Ms. Barber doesn’t need to look up anything. She can answer all my questions about my son just because she knows him so well.”

She says that since he has enrolled at the Charter school, she has seen some significant improvement in his progress. “It means a lot that the teachers have so much one-on-one time with the kids,” she explains. “His schoolwork has definitely improved. He’s better socially, and his attitude has gotten better as well. As a mom, I am so glad I put him in this school. We’re going to be staying till he graduates from high school.”

Student Supply List

Bay Area Charter Middle School students should come to school “ready to learn”. At a minimum, each student is expected to arrive each day with the following:

  • six (6) spiral notebooks. One is needed for each class,
  • 2. a three (3) ring binder,
  • 3. a pencil case in the three ring binder to hold pencils and pens, and
  • 4. a clear or mesh backpack if the student desires.
  • 5. Your Bay Area Charter Middle School staff is committed to providing all materials needed to complete in class assignments.